The Khor

A ruthless band of Mandalorian bounty hunters.


Led by Tark Khor, these Mandalorians are the epitome of what the galaxy sees as “Mandalorian mercenary scum.” With engines at full power, they slash across the galaxy on a mad dash for beer, babes and blood.

What outsiders don’t realize is that this sinister squad of sybarites are also siblings. The fraternal bonds of the five members of the bounty hunting band are what ties them together, and while credits have tested these bonds, they have not broken.

At least until Maryssa fled. In a betrayal that cut Tark deeper than a betrayal for money, Maryssa fled for love. Not that Tark wanted to bed her, but he feels as though a “pretty little thing” like Jareth has stolen his sister from him, the only thing he has left of his mother, who’s own heart strings had lead to her ultimate, grizzly death on a prison world.

Thus, a toxic mix of fear, possession, love, and memories fuels Tark and his brothers in their hot pursuit of Jareth. That, and the really, really, really big bounty that a mysterious benefactor has given a healthy advance payment on, for bring Jareth back….


The Khor

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