Adaptable Light Sabers

Jareth's weapon of choice.

weapon (melee)

This dual bladed light saber has a unique design, studied carefully it is possible to discern that it is designed to be easily separated into two short light sabers. It can just as easily be reconnected into the full dual blade light saber. Its overall length when attached is 6’ 10" long, and is designed to emulate a staff. The length of the individual sabers when separated is approximately 3’ 5" with 26" long blades, designed for close quarters combat. The blades are blood orange in color, a darker, reddish orange hue that is extremely rare. The weapon is fairly weathered, and has seen a great deal of action.


This unusual weapon was crafted by Jareth Stardust a year after he left the auspices of the Jedi Order. He based the design off a weapon he had seen a fellow Jedi use, but customized it to suit his own personal fighting style. The blood orange blades mark him as distinct even among the Grey Jedi, who normally use a more amber colored blade. He has developed an impressive fighting style around the use of this unique weapon that even the most skilled Jedi Masters would find a challenge to defeat.

Adaptable Light Sabers

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