Tiny Dancer

A starfighter used to defend the ship.


ARC-170 Aggressive Reconnaissance starfighter.

The ARC-170 starfighter was a heavy-duty model of starfighter in use by the Galactic Republic. It was manufactured by Incom Corporation.

Length: 12.71 meters..
Width: 19.85 meters (wingspan).
Height/depth: 3.81 meters (flight configuration).
Engine unit(s): 2.
Hyperdrive system: Equipped.
Armament: 2 medium laser cannons, 2 aft laser cannons, Proton torpedo launchers.
Crew: Pilot (1), Co-pilot (1), Tail gunner (1), Astromech droid.


Jareth Stardust stole the Tiny Dancer from the hangar at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant when he left the Jedi Order. It served him well for several years before he acquired the Stardust Phoenix, since then he has kept it to serve as a guardian to the larger vessel, and as a deterrent to would be pirates.

Tiny Dancer

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