OOM-2 Super Battle Droid

A squad of battle droids.


More skilled in combat than a standard Battle Droid, these OOM-2 models have been customized for guard duty. They have an enhanced sensory suite, and thicker armor plating. They have also been provided with a superior array of weaponry.


Jareth Stardust, and his crew found these droids left to rot on the junk planet of Raxus Prime. Jareth would have left the decommissioned droids where he found them, but his mechanic, Morvin Straus, insisted on salvaging them. Morvin rebuilt them with the ships security in mind, not being a fighter himself, he desired some degree of protection when Jareth and the rest of the crew were engaging in their usual insanity. The battle droids have provided some degree of security, as well as peace of mind, for the ship and its crew ever since. After the heavy combat droid, Phase, joined the crew he took over as chief security officer for the ship becoming the defacto commander of the OOM-2 Super Battle Droids.

OOM-2 Super Battle Droid

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