EG-6 "Gonk"

An oft ignored power droid.


the EG-6 is 1.1 meters tall. Outfitted with only a low AI, EG-6’s only function is to provide energy to diverse machinery, starships and other vehicles. Most of the EG-6’s interior is filled out by its fusion generators. Its hull is heavily armored and the droid is designed to survive extreme temperatures or radiation.

There are two heavy power plug-in sockets on the right side of the EG-6’s body and a standard power plug-in socket on the lower half of its front. There is also a light power plug-in socket in the face-like unit on the upper half of its front side, that also contains a system diagnostic package and visual sensors as well as an acoustic signaler. The droid is able to speak droid and computer languages only.
The system diagnostic package includes a spectrometer, infrared-, sonar- and x-ray-scanners and is used for equipment checks. Although very rarely used, the EG-6 has a manipulator arm that is hidden under a small panel on its lower front side.


EG-6 "Gonk"

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