Jedi Light Saber

Jareth's Jedi Order light saber.

weapon (melee)

This light saber has an arctic blue (extremely pale blue) blade and is 4’ 6" long with blade extended (37" blade).


This was the light saber Jareth Stardust crafted for himself when he became a full Jedi Knight. He has not used this saber since leaving the Jedi Order, but still carries it on his as a reminder of his time with the order. This light saber is an indication of Jareth’s personality, he spent months perfecting the design, making certain it was both functional, and aesthetically pleasing. It took him nearly a year to find a crystal that produced the pale, arctic blue blade that he desired, but he persevered even though it delayed his ascendance to full Jedi Knight status.

Jedi Light Saber

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