Jedi "Paladin" Armor

A relic of the ancient Jedi.


These rare relics are extremely valuable, giving solid protection against most conventional forms of weapon, including solid projectiles, blades, blunt objects, blasters, and even light sabers, without sacrificing mobility or speed. It is also believed that these ancient suits of armor enhance the wearers connection to the Force, allowing greater control, focus, and power.


This relic is a remnant of the war with the Sith Empire. Very few of these ancient suits of armor remain intact, and of those only a small number have been found. Having studied the holocrons of an ancient order of Force using warriors who followed a “Grey” code, Jareth learned of these impressive relics. He actively hunts for one, believing it would serve him well, both in its standard function, and as a symbol.

Jedi "Paladin" Armor

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