The Stardust Phoenix

A customised YG-4210 Light Freighter.


The YG-4210, built by the Corellian Engineering Corporation, was a very old ship model, predating the famous YT series by several decades.

Designed specifically for space exploration rather than combat, the freighter was originally unarmed. However, after centuries of serving, most likely none of them matched the original specifications. Weapons such as blasters, ion cannons and concussion missiles were common in these modified vehicles.

These ships were first constructed more than two centuries prior to the Galactic Civil War. This particular vessel has seen a great deal of service, and has been heavily modified. It is more heavily armed than is standard, has redundant shields, is refitted with superior engines for greater speed and maneuverability, an external docking clamp for a starfighter, and has had the interior redesigned with numerous smugglers compartments.

Class: Transport.
Length: 24 meters.
Maximum atmospheric speed: 950 km/h.
Hyperdrive rating: Class 1.
Backup: Class 10.
Hyperdrive system: Equipped.
Shielding: Equipped (2).
Navigation system: Navigation computer equipped.
Armament: CEC AG-2G quad laser cannons (2), Arakyd ST2 concussion missile tubes (2), Front Mounted Ion Cannon (1), Tractor beam projectors.
Escape craft: Model CEC Class-1s (2) .
Crew: 2 (4).
-Pilot (1).
-Co-Pilot (1).
-Gunners (2)
Passengers: 12.
Cargo capacity: 10 metric tons.
Consumables: 1 year.
Role(s): Freighter, Smuggling Ship.


Currently belonging to Jareth Stardust, this vessel is nearly two hundred years old, and has changed hands numerous times. Jareth acquired it from its previous owners, a band of Mandalorian bounty hunters, several years ago. Upon acquiring the vessel he quickly renamed it the Stardust Phoenix, and converted it into a smuggler vessel. He kept the improved armaments that the Mandalorians had installed, and after hiring a mechanic named Morvin Straus, improved its speed, handling, sensor array, and added a number of hidden compartments to both the interior, and exterior. The ship has become a home to Jareth, and his crew.

The Stardust Phoenix

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