WED-10-117 Treadwell

Morvin's maintenance droid.


The WED Treadwell is a four-armed (with additional sockets available) automaton propelled by a treaded base. The droid’s photoreceptors are mounted on a long, thin telescopic stalk, from which protrude various tool-tipped appendages. The standard WED droid has sockets to support up to six manipulators, though variants carry eight or more. These limbs are easy to install and replace, and Cybot Galactica actively encourages consumers to purchase a variety of appendages for their Treadwells. Despite this versatility, the WED Treadwell is known to be fragile, and the repair droid requires much maintenance itself.


This particular Treadwell belongs to the mechanic aboard the Stardust Phoenix, a particularly taciturn and morose Besalisk named Morvin Straus. He has dubbed this Treadwell ‘Trouble’ and loathes it even as he relies heavily upon it to assist him in his duties aboard the ship.

WED-10-117 Treadwell

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