Arla Lhoshe

A cunning businesswoman.


Arla Lhoshe is a skilled negotiator, and a shrewd businesswoman. She is responsible for handling the Stardust Phoenix’s finances, and running business operations, legitimate or otherwise, for the ship. She is also fairly athletic, and can handle a blaster with a fair amount of skill. Her most important asset however is her broad knowledge of planets, races, customs, people of importance, and galactic trade law. She is not above using her good looks to get herself out of a tight spot, but prefers to rely on her other skills.

Arla is open, friendly, and welcoming to all she meets, whether they are friend or foe. Indeed, Jareth and the rest of his crew have learned to recognize that the broader Arla’s smile is, the lower you are in her eyes. She is close friends with Jareth, but is not overly fond of some of his crew, in particular the morose Morvin Straus who’s attitude draws her ire, and the taciturn Sar’Vos whom she doesn’t trust.


Arla Lhoshe was once a successful businesswoman and merchant trader, captain of her own vessel that specialized in trading luxury goods on planets that rarely received such items, particularly the Outer Rim worlds. It was her success, and prosperity that led her to a fall, by giving people a legitimate alternative to their trade she undercut a number of smugglers who began losing business to her. These smugglers hired a group of bounty hunters to put her out of business. The bounty hunters successfully disabled her ship, forcing her to land on a particularly inhospitable planet known as Hoth where they pursued her, and slaughtered her crew. If not for the intervention of Jareth Stardust, who had only recently left the auspices of the Jedi Order, she too would have been slain. As it was Jareth’s arrival in his starfighter, which he had dubbed the Tiny Dancer, saved her life. After defeating her pursuers Jareth offered to help her get to a more hospitable planet, but in the end she chose to stay with the Grey Jedi and lend him her considerable knowledge, and business sense to help support his cause. Out of Jareth’s crew only R2-Q4 has been with him longer. She was relieved when Jareth obtained the Stardust Phoenix, not enjoying traveling from planet to planet in the cramped quarters of a starfighter. She is concerned about the numerous enemies Jareth seems to leave in his wake, and does her best to keep track of their activities through her extensive network of business contacts.

Arla Lhoshe

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