Jareth Stardust

A rogue Jedi striving for balance.


Jareth is a powerful Force user, and master light saber dualist. His power with the Force is nearly unrivaled within the Jedi Order, but his control is sometimes lacking, a problem which he is still attempting to overcome. He shows little restraint in his use of the Force, utilizing it as often, and with as much power, as possible. He is skilled at the more direct uses of the Force, but has not mastered its more esoteric aspects. He wields both Light, and Dark side techniques, and is particularly strong with techniques involving the manipulation of objects, and with Force Sense. With a light saber he is the match of any Jedi currently living, having received training from some of the finest masters of the art. He is also a skilled pilot, and navigator. His most dangerous trait however is his mind, he is intensely cunning, able to think his way out of nearly any problem. He is somewhat off-putting however, with a flamboyant personality, wicked sense of humor, and a sometimes disturbing cruel streak that he directs at his enemies.

Jareth stands 1.93 m. (6’ 4") tall, and weighs approximately 95 kg. (210 lbs.). He is lean and athletic, with long limbs, broad shoulders, and a narrow waist. He has long agile fingers which seem to constantly be toying with something, and smooth lightly tanned skin. His hands are calloused from extensive weapons practice, and his knuckles are battle scarred. He has a narrow face with high cheekbones, thin lips, high arching brows, a strong jaw, and a thin but firm chin. He wears his thick auburn curls at shoulder length, and sports a neatly groomed mustache and goatee. His piercing eyes are two separate colors, the left being a pale blue, while the right is a dark violet. He is in his early thirties.


Jareth knows nothing of his parents or his origins, from his earliest memories he survived alone in the lower levels of Coruscant. Jareth always had a knack for staying one step ahead of trouble, finding ways to survive on the streets. He got by on his own for most of his childhood, rarely making friends. His life changed one day when he was observed defending a young girl from a pack of street toughs by the Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn. Master Jinn observed not only Jareth’s willingness to defend a complete stranger, but also his fighting skill, and his unconscious use of the Force to tip the balance of the fight in his favor. Jareth had the potential to be one of the most powerful Force users Qui-Gon had ever encountered. Master Jinn took the boy in, and began his training. When the Jedi Council discovered this, Qui-Gon defied them, insisting that the boy must be trained, claiming that he felt a sense of destiny within the boy that called out to him. Qui-Gon was defended by no less a figure than Grand Master Yoda himself, who exclaimed that he too felt Jareth’s destiny. So it was that Jareth became a padawan at the Jedi Temple, training with several of the Masters. He traveled often with Master Jinn, visiting the far corners of the galaxy on all manner of missions. As he grew older Jareth found himself questioning the Jedi code, and their belief in a light, and dark side to the Force. Unable to satisfy his students need for answers, Master Jinn gave Jareth full access to the Jedi library. As with everything else he did, Jareth devoted himself fully to perfecting his understanding of the Force, and the Jedi Code. During his studies he came across a number of Jedi Holocrons which had been restricted, contained on these holocrons were the teachings, and theories of a number of so called Grey force users. including several rogue Jedi, and an order of militants devoted to balance. After secretly studying these holocrons for several years, and influenced by the teachings of his own Master, Jareth slowly developed his own philosophy that deviated harshly from that of the Jedi. Unable to accept the Jedi Code, or the rule of the Council any longer Jareth stole the holocrons, along with an ARC-170 starfighter and fled to the outer rim.

Devoted to maintaining balance within the force, within himself, and within the galaxy Jareth embarked on a series of adventures, acquiring a ship of his own, and a number of companions along the way. During that time he has refined his understanding of the force, and his own philosophy, and has come to believe that it is the Jedi Council, and their teachings which have caused the current imbalance that he senses. He does not work directly against the Jedi Order, but instead seeks to bring balance one small step at a time. Following his instincts, and powerful Force Sense, he travels the galaxy seeking out imbalances to correct. He has worked both with, and against his former comrades among the Jedi, but refuses to return to the fold. Several Jedi have taken it upon themselves to attempt to bring him in forcefully, Jareth defends himself against these overzealous fools, but generally seeks to avoid killing them, although he has slain one Jedi Knight, and a wrathful Jedi Master so far. He would be subject to more active pursuit if it weren’t for the intercession of Grand Master Yoda, who has said that Jareth must be allowed to serve his destiny. He has not crossed paths with his former Master, Qui-Gon Jinn since leaving the Jedi Order, but still feels a strong bond to him.

Jareth’s Code: There is neither a Dark, nor a Light side, there is only the Force. I will do what I must to keep the balance. The balance is what guides me. There is no good without evil, but evil must not be allowed to flourish. There is serenity in passion. Strength in peace. Order in chaos. I am the keeper of the flame, guardian of the balance. I am the torch bearer, lighting the way. I am the eye of the storm. I am the Grey Jedi.

Jareth Stardust

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