Maryssa Khor

A reformed bounty hunter.


Maryssa Khor, like most Mandalorians, is skilled in nearly every form of combat, and able to utilize nearly any weapon in the galaxy, she is truly a warrior to fear. She is also a fair hand at navigation, and piloting starships. She is an expert at combat strategy, able to plan and coordinate the action in nearly any combat situation. Perhaps her most surprising skill however is her knack for keeping things running the way they should. Through force of personality, and natural talent Maryssa keeps the crew of the Stardust Phoenix working in harmony to support Jareth Stardust in his mad quest to bring balance to the galaxy.

On the surface Maryssa is tough, and fierce, everything a Mandalorian warrior should be, but underneath that outer shell lies a passionate, romantic with a kind nature. Maryssa is the one person other than Jareth himself that everyone on the Stardust Phoenix seems to respect equally. She truly believes in Jareth’s cause, willing to do whatever it takes to help him bring balance to the galaxy. She has been Jareth’s lover off and on since they first met, but since that time she has fallen passionately in love with the rogue Jedi. She has not revealed her true feelings to him however, fearing to bare her heart.


Maryssa Khor was the second in command of The Khor, an elite team of Mandalorian bounty hunters lead by her elder brother Tark. The Khor were hired by a Hutt named Grolva to track down and kill a rogue Jedi named Jareth Stardust, an escaped Zabrak slave known only as Sar’Vos, and any who might be traveling with the pair. Maryssa often served the Khor as their forward scout, using her looks to get close to the target so that a trap could be laid for them. She used this strategy with Jareth, insinuating herself into his company during his time at a small trading outpost on the planet Mustafar. Unable to resist Jareth’s charms, Maryssa became his lover. During their time together she learned of the Grey Jedi’s cause, and found herself believing in him. Unable to set aside her feelings for the Jedi, she warned him of the Khors plan, allowing him to escape with his companions before her brothers could arrive. The Khor quickly pursued the fugitive Jedi in their heavily modified YG-4210 freighter, dubbed Khor’s Klaw. Jareth, and his companions, the astromech droid R2-Q4, the Twi’lek businesswoman Arla Lhoshe, and the Zabrak gunslinger Sar’Vos, attempted to outmaneuver the Marauders, knowing the Tiny Dancer could not outrun the larger ship. After leading them a merry chase through a number of hazards Jareth landed the Tiny Dancer on a particularly inhospitable planet called Hoth where he and his starfighter seemed to simply vanish in the snow. Unable to trace the rogue Jedi using their ships sensors the Khor set out in a land speeder to pursue their quarry, leaving only Maryssa behind to guard the ship. Jareth had outmaneuvered them however, using his Force powers to mask the presence of the Tiny Dancer, which was far closer than the Khor suspected. After using his powers to render Maryssa unconscious Jareth and his companions took over Khor’s Klaw, and used it to make their escape, stranding Tark and his brothers on the surface of the ice planet. After regaining consciousness Maryssa was faced with the consequences of her actions, but could not bring herself to regret her choices, instead choosing to remain with her lover and his crew aboard the newly renamed Stardust Phoenix.

Maryssa Khor

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