Morvin Straus

A morose mechanic.


A master mechanic, and technician, Morvin Straus has the skills to repair, modify, or improve just about any machine put in front of him. He is also a fair hand in a brawl, but terrible with any kind of weaponry.

Morvin Straus has the kind of personality that makes it nearly impossible to like him. He is an eternal pessimist, assuming the worst about everything, vocally, and practically gloating when proven right. He is morose, disconsolate, and morbid. His only saving grace is his skill as a technician, and his ability to remain calm in even the most trying of circumstances, although he continues to prophesize doom even as he works. His deep, smooth voice seems to suit him perfectly, making his constant pessimism strangely compelling. Listening to Morvin, one might be lead to believe the weight of a world rests upon his shoulders as he speaks in slow depressed tones about the difficulties he faces, and the likelihood of failure. Only when he is working with machines does Morvin seem to brighten up, at such times he seems nearly cheerful. He is particularly good at working with droids, counting them as his only friends, though he would never admit it.


Morvin Straus joined Jareth Stardust’s crew not long after the rogue Jedi acquired the Stardust Phoenix. Unable to keep any kind of position for long despite his skill, Morvin was growing desperate for employment when Jareth sought him out, having heard of his talent as a mechanic. Jareth explained candidly that he was the captain of a smuggling vessel, and the job would be potentially dangerous, but Morvin didn’t care, willing to take anything that paid. He seems as if he regrets that decision bitterly, often complaining that he was misled by Jareth, not knowing the true nature of his employer or his mad quest. Despite his complaints the disgruntled mechanic has not abandoned the Stardust Phoenix or its crew despite numerous opportunities to do so. In truth, even he isn’t entirely certain why he stays on although he has grown attached to the ship, and the assorted droids on board.

Morvin Straus

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