A unique combat droid.


Phase is a completely unique droid, obviously designed for heavy combat. He is equipped with thick durasteel plating, shields, a full suite of sensors, a targeting matrix, a tactical computer that allows him to assess a battle and respond appropriately, and enough armaments to take on a small army. Most noteworthy however are two specialized pieces of technology built into Phase. The first, a cloaking device that bends light around the droid, is rare, but not unheard of. The second however is the device that gave the droid its name, through the manipulation of the droids matter on the atomic level this device allows the droid to become insubstantial for a brief period.


It is unknown who built Phase, or what purpose he was meant to serve. Jareth Stardust found him during a raid on a secret facility hidden on an isolated outer rim planet. Jareth was assaulting the facility to rescue his crew member Sar’Vos who had been taken captive by the mysterious owners of the facility. All manner of illegal experimentation was taking place in what was a completely unmanned facility. The entire base was populated only with droids, which were conducting the experiments at the behest of parties unknown. When Jareth found Phase, he was inactive. Being the adventurous type Jareth activated the strange looking droid only to find that it had never been activated before. Lacking any kind of essential programming the droid simply followed Jareth as he finished his mission of rescuing Sar’Vos and destroyed the facility. During this time it was discovered that the droid had an unusual piece of technology which caused Jareth to dub him Phase. Phase still wonders what he may have been built for, and by whom, but has no regrets about serving Jareth. He has taken responsibility for the security of Jareths ship, the Stardust Phoenix, and commands the small squad of battle droids on board.


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