An unusual R2 unit.


The R2-series astromech droid is a model of astromech droid produced by Industrial Automaton. Like its forerunners, the R2 astromech is designed to work in and around space vessels as a diagnostic and repair unit. But unlike the clunky R1-series, this rounded, waist-high droid is made specifically to fit in military starfighter astromech slots. When plugged into a starfighter, the R2 monitored flight performance, pinpointed and corrected technical problems, and performs power management, optimizing shipboard systems. The unit can store up to ten sets of hyperspace vector coordinates in its astrogation buffer, and has the intelligence and experience to perform engine startup and pre-flight taxiing. The R2 operates flawlessly in the vacuum of interstellar space. R2 units are equipped with a holographic recording mode.

The center of the droids’ success can be attributed to its Intellex IV computer, which features 700 different spacecraft configurations. Its sensor package is equally impressive, with a full-spectrum transceiver and electromagnetic, heat, motion, and life form indicators. The droid also has a fully maneuverable video sensor, deployed from its domed head, allowing it to inspect enclosed spaces or peer over obstacles.

The droid’s outer shell conceals an array of tools beneath its streamlined durasteel exterior. Each R2 comes equipped from the factory with two manipulator arms, an electric arc welder, circular saw, computer scomp link arm, VicksVisc holographic recorder/projector unit, internal cargo compartment, and a general-use fire extinguisher. IA, taking a page from Corellian ship-builders, made the droids easy to upgrade and modify. This particular droid has been modified with jet thrusters, remote sensor limpets, a small blaster, a signal interceptor with a full decryption suite, and a communications jammer. Additionally it contains a specialized matrix that holds a number of Jedi, and unknown to its current owner, Sith holocrons.


R2-Q4 has been in service for nearly four hundred years, it is one of the oldest R2 units still active, and quite possibly the only one that has never had a memory wipe. During this time Q (as he is commonly referred to by Jareth Stardust and his crew) has served a number of masters. On three separate occasions he has served successful smugglers, he has served with several Republic fighter pilots, a Mandalorian bounty hunter, two Jedi, and most notably a Sith Lord. His time with the smugglers, and the Jedi has left him particularly well prepared for his service to Jareth Stardust, but he seems to act independently at times, doing things that defy Jareths understanding. These actions are carried out on behalf of his former master, Darth Tenebrous. What purpose may have been implanted by the Sith Lord is unknown to all but Q himself. Q was given to Jareth Stardust as a gift from his master Qui-Gon Jinn when he achieved Jedi Knight status, and has traveled with him ever since.


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