A battered, but experienced protocol droid.


The 3PO-series protocol droid is a Human-cyborg relations protocol droid produced by Cybot Galactica. The model series has very similar aesthetic design in its casing to other Cybot Galactica droid model series such as the TC-series, 3PX-series, and 5YQ-series protocol droids.

Like most protocol droids S-3PO has a broad knowledge of linguistics, and various alien cultures and customs. In addition to his standard programming S-3PO is also capable of navigation, diagnostics, and other shipboard tasks, and often serves as Vandor Brandt’s co-pilot aboard the Stardust Phoenix.

Height: 1.7 meters.
-2 photoreceptors (Human range).
-2 auditory receptors (Human range).
-1 Olfactory sensor.
-Translator unit.
-Recording unit (audio-recorder).
-AA-1 VerboBrain.
-TranLang III communications module.
-1 restraining bolt mount.


S-3PO was an unexpected amenity that Jareth Stardust acquired along with his ship, the Stardust Phoenix. The beleaguered protocol droid was more than happy to transfer its allegiance to Jareth, having received nothing but abuse from its former masters. Since that time the droid has proudly served Jareth as a translator, and expert on numerous alien customs. He actively tries to avoid combat situations, but trusts that Jareth will not endanger him unnecessarily. Although he has been known to be unusually brave at times, even managing to save Jareth’s life once, which has earned him the loyalty and trust of the rogue Jedi.


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