A mysterious warrior.


Sar’Vos is a deadly gunslinger, equally skilled with solid projectile weapons, or blasters. She is also lethal with a number of close combat weapons, especially knives and other short blades. She also seems to have training in heavy weapons combat, able to man the shipboard weapons on board both the Tiny Dancer, and the Stardust Phoenix. She is an expert at seduction, using her beauty, and sensual nature to drop the guard of even the most cautious individual. She is a skilled dancer, acrobat, and climber as well. She is also extremely stealthy, able to get the drop on most opponents before they ever know she is there.

Sar’Vos rarely speaks without purpose, indeed, she rarely speaks at all. Her past is a particularly taboo subject that even Jareth Stardust has not been able to broach with her. She is unwavering in her loyalty to Jareth, willing to die to protect him, or further his cause. She has taken it upon herself to serve as his personal bodyguard, rarely leaving his side. This has often caused speculation by outsiders that she is Jareth’s lover. In truth she seems to loathe physical contact, viewing sexuality as a weapon, rather than a pleasure. This has caused some degree of friction between her and the Stardust Phoenix’s pilot Vandor Brandt who seems to desire a relationship with the taciturn warrior.


Sar’Vos is a mystery to even her closest companions, her past almost entirely unknown. Jareth alone knows much of anything, and even he has not been able to learn what came before he met her. He first encountered the beautiful Zabrak warrior during a stop over in the spaceport of Mos Eisley on the planet of Tatooine where she was being kept as the personal slave of a particularly loathsome Hutt named Grolva. Unable to stomach the indignities, and worse, he saw visited upon the fiery warrior Jareth set out to free her. After a long night of gambling in Grolva’s casino Jareth was able to con the Hutt into staking Sar’Vos against the Tiny Dancer. Able to control the fall of the chance cube, Jareth won the toss only to be outed as a Force user by Grolva’s personal bodyguard, a nasty little Rodian named Projo. Forced to fight his way out, Jareth cut Sar’Vos free of her chains and fled with her into the underbelly of Mos Eisley. After finding his way to a black market healer that was willing to remove the slave tracking chip from Sar’Vos, Jareth told her she was free, only to find that she refused to leave his side. So it was that he returned to the Tiny Dancer, and his companion Arla Lhoshe with the taciturn Zabrak, and an enraged Hutt’s bounty hunters hot on his heels. Arla has disliked, and mistrusted Sar’Vos ever since.

Several years later, after they had obtained the Stardust Phoenix, Jareth and his crew found themselves once again coming to the rescue of Sar’Vos after she attempted to deal with Grolva and his bounty hunters on her own. After being captured Grolva chose to punish his wayward slave, and then sold her in the hopes of turning a profit. She changed hands many times, until even she had lost track of who owned her, but Jareth refused to give up on her. It took him nearly a year to track her to a secret research facility on an isolated Outer Rim planet run remotely by an unknown party. It was during this second rescue of Sar’Vos that Jareth obtained the combat droid Phase. Since this time Sar’Vos has become almost fanatically devoted to her saviour.


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