Vandor Brandt

A thrill seeking pilot.


Vandor Brandt is one of the most skilled starship pilots in the Outer Rim. He is also a decent mechanic, and a fair hand in a fight. He can use claws, knife, or blaster with equal skill.

Vandor Brandt is quite possibly one of the craziest Cathar Jareth Stardust and his crew have ever crossed paths with. He seems to live for danger, only really enjoying himself when he’s riding the ragged edge of disaster. He throws himself into everything he does with an indomitable passion, and a dauntless hedonism, but his greatest pleasure is to take a starship out into the black and do the impossible with it. He loves the Stardust Phoenix, and is completely loyal to its crew, and captain. His passions may get him in trouble however, as he has set his sights on the beautiful, but deadly, Zabrak warrior Sar’Vos. He also seems to take a strange pleasure in the company of the perpetually gloomy Morvin Straus, finding humor in the mechanics proclamations of doom.


Vandor Brandt first crossed paths with Jareth Stardust when they found themselves competing for the prize in a speeder race through the lower levels of Coruscant. Jareth’s superior speeder, and greater knowledge of the route allowed him to snatch victory from the Cathar, but he recognized that Brandt had the greater skill. After claiming his prize, an expensive hyperdrive unit for his ship, the Stardust Phoenix, Jareth sought out Brandt. Finding him celebrating his defeat at a local bar by participating in a drinking contest Jareth confronted Brandt to test his mettle. They scuffled, before settling down to a drinking contest that ended with Jareth revealing his true nature, and purpose to the Cathar. Seeing Jareth’s quest to bring balance to the galaxy as the ultimate challenge the half-crazed Cathar insisted on joining Jareth’s crew, and after laying eyes on the Stardust Phoenix he knew he’d made the right decision. Brandt has had ample opportunity to indulge his thrill-seeking nature since then, and has no regrets.

Vandor Brandt

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